Values have to be weaved

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Author: Ms. Hema Gaikwad

1. Model good values
One of the most important things you can do is to set a good example for your children. They learn from seeing how you treat them, overhearing your interactions with others and observing what you do in different situations throughout the day.

2. Communication is the key
The bottom line is: you need to communicate with your children. Talk about what they did right, what they did wrong, how to make better moral decisions, what character traits God want to see in us, and why you have made certain choices in your own life. It definitely takes time to have these kinds of conversations, but you will find the results worth the investment.

3. Do not let your children take the easy way out of challenges
Along the same line, you should require your children to finish projects they start, even if their endeavors get tough, tiring or mundane. In the process, they will develop perseverance and responsibility.

4. Monitor Internet use
When it comes to teaching your children values, there will be a lot less “unlearning” that
needs to be done if you minimize their exposure to wrong ideas in the first place. It is true that you cannot shelter them from everything, but you can and should limit their exposure to the Internet.

5. Applaud good behavior
When you observe your children doing something good, let them know you are pleased with their action.

6. Share your personal experiences
Most of us can look back at our past and think of a lot of experiences that taught us some valuable lessons. Be willing to share some of those stories with your children, especially those that illustrate how you made choices that were consistent with good values.

7. Apologies to your children when you make mistakes
When you fall short with your children, not only do you need to acknowledge your mistake, you also need to tell them you are sorry. By doing so you are modelling an important way to show respect to others, and how to accept responsibility for your mistakes.

8. Reading helps a lot
Reading will not only make the child smarter and sharper, but will also give them insight into deep values and they often learn from the actions of the characters.


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