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Author - Siddhant Khanna (BBA-IT 2018-21 )

I am just out of the Bumpy ride Bandwagon- popularly known as the Teenage. I have been at all its beautiful spots and the messy milestones as well. I have had my bliss moments of this journey and the vertigo stretches as well.
This book is not a manual that I claim will solve all your teenage problems. But I am sure it will help you know that you are not the only ones who are facing it. And there are people your kinds who have through their experiences learnt how to get into and get out of the problems associated with it. I can bet my life on this fact that even the most sorted men and women of the world have gone through the ups and downs that this stage of life has to offer.
The only far and distant ordinary human that I doubt had teenage issues is probably Adam. But I guess this was because he had no elder one who could have ever dominated him; no peer who could have pressurized him and no one younger whom he could brag to. But don’t forget that as the second human came in contact- he made his first mistake. And since unlike the teenagers after him who kept making mistakes and learning from them; he could never grow out of his first mistake. And the whole male lot is still bearing the burden of it and carrying the Adam’s apple to date.
Teenage or for that matter any age bracket comes with its’ challenges to overcome and situations to understand. My mantra to be successful is “Be an observer”. In the chapters that follow you will be able to get the clarity on how to make these precious years of your life the greatest experience and not an intractable cycle of occurrences.
Like most of you, I too did not enter teenage with wisdom galore. I fell N number of times, took time to be on my feet again, took pride in the high times, cried in the lows. Tasted fame real early in life, was moved down by the pressure it asserted. But with the grace of the Almighty- fought it out, learnt some lifetime lessons, basked in the warmth of my family’s love and support.
One important element in my story has been the non-judgemental attitude of my parents. I was never outlined and opinionated on my shortcomings.
I feel my younger sister has a greater stature than me despite being almost six years younger to me. The way she lovingly let go of my silly fights on account of my bossy big-bro behaviour at times will always inspire me to be at my responsible best for her…forever and ever, wherever, whenever and however.
Agemates, this book is an attempt to open communication channels with you. I know that we are blamed to have made a start to many a modern-day messes and troubles. But what our parents fail to realize is that majority of those troubles were almost simultaneously called upon by both them and us. To illustrate, let’s see the cyberspace addiction. I am in agreement with the statement that we teenagers are neglecting a lot of other vital experiences and responsibilities for the gadget. But is the life of our parents the same as it was before the advent of the smartphone? I take pride in declaring that this generation is no exception to the previous generations to be able to learn out of observation. Our parents want us to be much fixated on the physical self. Are we not watching their profile pic updation (not to mention photoshopped) the day they feel they look beautiful.
Frankly, we have the unadulterated will to follow you, and I am one hundred percent accurate to declare that we follow you. But the mechanism placed in our brains is such that it does not stimulate much action in response to your words, like it stirs us up to match your actions.
And to speak the heart out for every fellow teenager, I take this platform to appeal to our parents to stop attempting to be our friends, whether on FB or otherwise. We have outgrown that need on both the podiums. It just embarrasses us.
We need strong companions who can both love us despite of our shortcomings and failures and mentor us and show us by way of example to be able to live a peaceful life.


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