Making Students IT Industry Ready(Hurukuro Lecture Series)

Date: October 16 , 2023
Time:2:00 PM to 3:30 PM
Venue: Offline
Name of Event Co-coordinator(s) and Team Member(s) : : Dr.Parag Kaveri. Sanket Kurdukar. Samyak Jain, Nidhish Malav
Name of Organization & Brief Profile of Guest/Speaker/Resource Person :Mr. Daksh Sethi, a 2 times TEDx Speaker, Josh Talks Speaker, a Corporate Trainer, Educational & Business Consultant, Soft Skills Trainer & an Academician
Associates/Sponsors/Partners (ACM/IEEE/SIU/WiMLDS/etc.): SIU

Event Details:

  • No. of Participants: 44
  • SICSR IEEE Placement Cell in collaboration with SICSR E-cell ARSH, hosted a workshop on the Making Students IT Industry Ready by the name of Hurukuro Lecture Series. The event featured a passionate entrepreneur and business consultant, Mr. Daksh Sethi, as the speaker of the day.

    Mr Sanket Krudukar, the placement head, began the workshop by welcoming Mr. Daksh and introducing him to the audience. Mr. Daksh then discussed his experiences working with various businesses and educational institutions. He also shared his experience in the domain of entrepreneurship over the years and how he has helped small business grow.

    He went on to discuss the structure of introduction and how one should present himself/herself in an interview. Some of the key points he mentioned were :

    1. Mention the City from which you belong
    2. Mention the family background from which you belong (army/govt/medical/corporate/business)
    3. Mention from where you did your schooling from (10th,12th)
    4. Convince the interviewer that you’re there to stay and are genuinely interested in the industry for which you are applying
    5. Mention your college and programme, if you’re appearing externally
    6. Mention your extracurricular activities like your active participation in societies, organizations, internships, NGOs, Student Council, Tech Club
    7. Never mention your family business or higher education plans
    8. Convince the interviewer that you’re interested and are planning to stay in the industry for a very long time
    9. Be laid back, simple, elegant and enjoy
    10. Leave ego and attitude outside the door

    Then after this, he laid emphasis on the need of certification programs, small projects (chatbot, websites), Binance Portfolio (send recruiter the link), Power BI, Social Work (girl up, rotary, ngos) and paid great emphasis on mentioning the same on LinkedIN

    After this, Mr Daksh hosted a doubt session where he took on the doubts of our students. Once the doubt session was completed, Aditya Bajaj, the student head presented the vote of thanks to Mr Daksh Sethi and concluded the event

    Photographs of the Event:



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