ALUMNI INTERVIEW – MS. RADHA GIRI – Founder and CEO at Midas Touch Consultants

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Radha Giri, alumni of SICSR, a B2B social media specialist who helps organizations to effectively utilize social media to grow their online audience, connect with their buyers, and achieve their business goals. With a diverse educational and professional background in technology, marketing, and law, Radha brings a unique perspective to her work, blending technical and marketing knowledge with logical thinking. She has assisted numerous organizations in developing and managing their marketing strategies through various channels, including social media, direct marketing, global tradeshows, conferences, and online events. Radha is also an accomplished author, having written the book "Are you Socially Shy?" With her expertise in B2B social media, content, and digital marketing, Radha is a valuable resource for any organization seeking to enhance its online presence and connect with customers. ​

Speaker: Rasha Giri (MCM 1998– 2000)
Interviewed by: Ayush Chatterjee (BCA 2020 – 2023)

How was your experience at SICSR and how did your time at SICSR impact your career?

"It was a very wonderful experience. While I had ZERO knowledge of computers when I took admitted at SICSR, the teachers and the institution provided a lot of support to help me learn the concepts, guide me, and not feel alienated for not knowing the basics."

How did you come up with the idea to start Midas Touch Consultants and what has been the biggest challenge you faced in your entrepreneurial journey?

"After working with an IT company for 10 years and managing product engineering and product marketing, I realized that my learning and experience can be applied to help more companies with the (then new) field of digital marketing. That’s how Midas Touch was born. When social media marketing was just picking up in the industry, we created a niche by keeping the focus only on B2B. I believe that was the best decision – create a niche, keep a sharp focus on that, and create value for customers. In terms of challenges, those were different at every stage in the journey. At the beginning, it was all about convincing people about the importance of digital, later it was about building the team, and how we are in a hyper-growth scale wherein the challenges are very different."

Can you share some insights on the current state of the entrepreneurial ecosystem in India?

"It’s the best time to be an entrepreneur in India. We have an extremely conducive ecosystem and support system. For many industries, there is a great support from the government as well. The best part is that we have an opportunity to provide solutions for India-specific problems. And the scale there is massive. Gone are the days when we had to consider achieving growth only by targeting western countries. The pace of digital transformation in India is massive and I am very happy to see companies innovating solutions and building up massive empires here. I won’t hesitate to even say that even those who have moved to the West can come back here to start on their own."

What advice would you give to those readers who are interested in starting their own business?

"Differentiation is the key – you can’t solve all problems for everyone. When you create a niche for yourself, you can build teams and coin your offerings based on that and customers will come to you for your expertise. Contrary to the popular belief, it is easier to grow with you specialize in something and not become a “jack of all trades”."



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