A Poem On Social Issues

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Injustice and inequality,
A constant battle to be fought,
A world where some have plenty,
While others are left for nought.

Poverty and hunger,
A daily reality for some,
A struggle for survival,
A never-ending, weary sum.

Discrimination and prejudice,
A stain on our society,
A barrier to progress,
A source of pain and misery.

Climate change and pollution,
A threat to our very earth,
We need to take action,
For a brighter, cleaner birth

Mental health and addiction,
A silent suffering within,
A need for empathy,
And a call to begin.

Social issues, so many,
A complex web to untangle,
Let us come together,
Before we are forever strangled.

A world where all are equal,
Where love and kindness reign,
A world where social issues,
No longer are a constant refrain.

Lack of access to education,
A hindrance to progress,
A barrier to success,
For the youth who need it the most.

Homelessness and unemployment,
A cycle of despair,
A need for intervention,
For those without a place to repair.

Gender and race inequalities,
A root cause of discrimination,
Acceptance shouldn’t come that hard,
For true peace comes with integration.

Social issues persist,
In the modern world we know,
But with empathy and action,
A brighter future, we can grow.

Hiroshima picked

on resilience

reconciliation and hope.

In this age of nuclear armaments,

only one line of thought

can cut any ice,

“No one wins but 

Humanity loses”


By : Akanksha Mahapatra (2022 - 2025; 22030121013)


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