The Magic of Belief.

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Belief is a tool humans have been using from the very beginning. It is responsible for making and braking of societies and civilizations.
Belief ideally should be unconditional, you do not need any reasoning to believe in something. You must be naive enough to overlook every opposing thought in order to truly believe. If a person truly believes in god then he does not need any reasoning for it.

Such strong believes are established in tough times. The times when people lose control over the situation, the times when there is no justice. People have suffered and were tortured to the degree we can't even comprehend. People lost everything and everyone around them, because their was no justice.

Today when you look around, you do not see people slandering each other and constantly fighting with each other. We live in a fairly peaceful era where wars and conflicts are considered immoral, any act of vengeance and anger is looked down upon.We in fact have the whole judicial system to make justice reach every part of the society. We consider ourselves highly diplomatic, civilized and peace loving individuals. As today we see everything streamlined, planned and predicted we no longer seem to require the age old tool of belief.

With belief being side lined, we are lacking hopeful creatures rather, we see an increasing swarm of chronic pessimists and clueless, aimless individuals, they want everything to be practical. They don't want to put the goggles of believe. They see the world as it is, they constantly tend to limit and confine themselves to reality. People are nowadays very quick to surrender, give up and soon satisfactory with what they have. They rather fixate with reality, But then, reality is nihilistic. Truth is a void, once exposed to it you are sure to lose hopes. No matter how hard we try to encompass reality, it won't fit in our small humanoid existence. We are losing the charismatic magic of belief and leading towards a path, which we don’t know where ends. People are slowly but steadily losing hope in the name of practicality, somewhere we are losing the magic of belief.

Reality is sure to disappoint you in many ways, it will torment the ones trying to fixate over it, It will reward those who fight through it. There is no magic in reality but it is there in belief. The order of this world is such that, you are supposed to have a miniature reality of your own. The reality does not follow our judicial system, it does not exist to serve justice. It is unfair and cruel in many ways. But the miracles, will only happen with those who dream and belief. Be a warrior, belief in things that don't seem practical. Have high hopes from yourselves and just be naive enough to unconditionally believe!


By :Tejas Kedar Sahsrabudhe (2021-24; 21030122086; BBA[IT])


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