Aditya Veera Venkatesh The Musician Who Codes

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Mr. Aditya Veera Venkatesh is an alumnus from SICSR’s MSc. (CA) 2015-2017 batch. He is a multifaceted individual – besides being an Oracle Technical Consultant at PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), he is a musician. Mr. Aditya also hosts a podcast show where he speaks with other distinguished musicians – many of whom are Grammy winners. The CURSOR 5.0 team had the opportunity to interact with him for the July 2022 issue. 

Interviewed by : Ayush Chatterjee (BCA 2020 – 2023)

How was your time at SICSR? 

“SICSR gave me wonderful memories that I cherish for the rest of my life. Sometimes, I really miss my time at SICSR and wish I could relive those fond memories again. To be honest, SICSR prepared me very well for the technology world. The curriculum was very much in sync with what the industry demands. We had great faculty members and a brilliant administration who would give their best to mould all of us and give us the best of opportunities and exposures. In fact, now when I am managing both my job and my musical interests, the time management I learnt at SICSR through juggling exams, fests and codeathons comes to use.”

What would be your advice to the current and upcoming batches at SICSR? 

“I would say work on understanding the concepts that are being taught to you so that your foundation is strong. Focus on improving your communication skills – this will come in handy when you have to interact with clients in the future. Work towards building a network with industry professionals. And lastly, have a good relationship with your faculty during college and even after you have graduated – they really give their best for you.”

You lead the music group “Thayirsadam Blues”. Could you tell us about the group’s journey? 

“My musical roots at SICSR led me to start a serious musical project and that’s how Thayirsadam Blues got its origins. Over a period of time, we performed at around 200 shows in Mumbai and Pune. However, I had to leave Pune and shift to Bangalore because I got an offer from KPMG. But Thayirsadam Blues is so close to my heart that I started a Bangalore chapter of the group”

Do IT companies encourage and support their employees to live a life outside work and follow their aspirations?

“Yes, definitely. If you look at it from the company’s standpoint, when their employees are interacting with clients, if they have a common interest then that becomes a big win and builds a firm connection with the client. Even apart from this, on the overall the working environment is great. You have cultural initiatives, sports activities and get-togethers. Some companies even give allowances to employees for personal travel. However, when you are starting as a fresher, for the initial few years, you would most likely not be able to dedicate too much time outside work because there is a lot of learning to be done in terms of understanding how the industry works.”

What would be your message to a youngster who wants to follow his/her passion? 

“In my opinion, both the things are equally important: 1) following your passion and 2) financial stability. It is great to be passionate about something but also try to understand if there is a market for it. You know, back in school, I was a sack-racing champion. As a child, I always hoped that sack-racing would reach the Olympics one day – but it never did and I do not think it ever will. So my advice is do not be that sack-racing champion in the world – only convert your passion into your full-time profession if you are sure that what you are doing is relevant and there are people to appreciate what you do. Once you are sure you have a market to cater to, then start working on becoming the best at what you do.”



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