EMINENT SPEAKER PROGRAM : How to write a good research paper and WORKSHOP : Opportunities and Challenges for research

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Date: 4th September 2021

Venue: Virtual Mode (Microsoft Teams)

Submitted by: Saanchi Lila
Speaker: Dr. Venkateshwaran and Dr. Shilpa Bhalerao
Event Description:
Team SICSR ACM Student Chapters organized an Eminent Speaker Program and virtual workshop on the topic “How to write a good research paper”.

Dr. Tejaswini Apte, welcomed the participants and introduced ACM, ACM
SICSR, ACM-W and the first speaker, Dr. Venkateswaran. He is responsible for the strategy and operations of the Enterprise Information Systems with a focus to enable the transformation and growth of the business, he joined Persistent Systems in 2002 and has undertaken various roles over the years.

Dr. Venkateswaran started the webinar by covering the basic questions like ‘why write a research paper?’, which motivated the students who originally did not plan to write a paper to also try and write one. Then he moved to picking the research topic, process of writing, what is a good research paper?, title of the paper, writing the abstract, writing the introduction and main part of the paper. The attendees learnt how to make their papers more captivating and informative within the word limit. Following this, questions were entertained and then we moved to the next part i.e. the workshop.

Dr. Shilpa Bhalerao, a Computer Science professor at Acropolis Institute of Technology and Research, Indore with experience of 22 years in academics and 16 years in research was introduced by Vishesh. This being a workshop was naturally more interactive with the audience.
Dr. Shilpa posed some questions and took the answers on www.menti.com from the students first and then worked her way around the understanding of the students. She focused more on the challenges faced while writing a paper and how to overcome then without getting demotivated. After this, she took questions from the students and answered them with great
At the end the anchors gave a vote of thanks to both the speakers and shared a feedback form with the attendees.

The participants were told about a research poster competition by the ACM-W team, to be held in the near future and interested students can register.

(A picture was taken to mark the end of an informative and motivating event.)
(Dr. Venkateshwaran guiding the students)

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