Equity and Equality

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It's time to change people's ideology
By explaining them the concepts of sociology
Men and Women are different only in biology
As the thought process starts in the mind it's time to change human psychology
Equality is not just a word but an emotion to be felt by human creation
It should no longer be treated just a word in the books of nation
But should be brought into action
Welcome to the world of modern generation
Where people say it's time for acceptation and not for explanation
Then why is still equality a big question?
Freedom comes with a responsibility
But what's the use of freedom if it doesn't provide you equal opportunity
No one should be discriminated on the basis of status,rights and
And stop the practice of partiality and brutality
It's time to realise the essence of equality
Don't give up on your ability
you will be provided the best support according to your capability
This should be responsibility of everyone
for forming a good community
We can make this possible by treating people with equity
Equity and Equality once a part of today's society
Can be the reason of change from harsh to enlightening reality


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