LOCKDOWN DIARIES The new normal- opportunities and challenges

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So, we have often heard about festive diaries, office diaries, childhood diaries and many more related to our memories, episodes and experiences. But the main hitch is what gave rise to these worldwide conventional lockdown diaries?

Who is not familiar with this term?
The term that shook the roots of the entire universe. Something that threatens the inner soul of any human who anyhow gets related to it. Covid-19 is primarily a deadly disease caused by coronavirus. It was originated in China in 2019 and became a pandemic in 2020.
A disease that not only gave pace to the medical facilities but also to the politics among the nations.
Since it is a communicable disease, government of all nations declared lockdowns for their people. Initially people did not find it a matter of concern as it was just a menial lockdown, but as the COVID-19 cases kept surging, the lockdown got stretched for months, which gave rise to various opportunities as well as challenges for them.

Let’s give heed to all the particular categories that has suffered in this entire wave.

KIDS: What went thrilling for young ones the entire lockdown session was their family members joining them in all their amusements; be it games, food or movie nights.
This was something they have been missing, since the new trend of social media have somehow created a huge gap between parents and their children. Finally, they felt the joy of togetherness and got enough time to spend with the adults of their family, someone who teaches them values for the entire lifetime.

TEENAGERS: It was a bit inflexible for the teenagers because this is the age where they will to hang out with friends and the entire time, they had no other alternative than staying at their residences. But just like others it was helpful for them as well as they got an expertise in things that they had never tried before. They learnt how to cook and bake the most fascinating food items like cakes, pizza, lasagna and much more.

STUDENTS: This is one of the most affected categories of the entire lockdown chapter. It’s basically an inclusion of technology in their already technical life.
Students spend majority of their hours in classes which has entirely shifted online, causing a lot of commotion. All their practical studies are shifted to theoretical one because of these provocations.
But despite all these challenges there have been an addition of a lot of opportunities for the students. They usually get confound as to which channel, they should opt for further in their higher studies, so during this entire lockdown they got a lot of time to figure out their capabilities and their future dilemma.

WORKING PEOPLE: Under these situations, they had to adopt the mantra of “work from home”, which turned out to be pretty challenging for them.
Economy had been affected drastically, so it crashed out hard on businessmen as their employees were willing to leave and these businessmen had to come up with strategies and ideas that could make their employees withstand the difficult time.

ADULTS: This entire period has helped adults in finding happiness among their families, which was possible because everyone was stuck at home. They got time to do everything they ever wanted.
Though we have talked about almost all the categories that have endured the complete lockdown
but here we are forgetting the one most auspicious one, i.e., our mothers.
Every individual at home got a breathing space from their tiring loaded schedules, but our mothers
were still on the same track, working the entire day to fulfill the demands of their family
just to add betterment to their little happy moments.

This time had been unalike and unexpected one for the entire universe, something for which the beings were not prepared in readiness.
Still their commitments and willingness made them stand through the crisis as well.


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