Q&A With Our Director

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Submitted By: Ritika Deshpande

Q1. Sir, could you share your teaching experience at BSEL, Germany?

Well, teaching is my passion and I always remain energetic and enthusiastic for teaching, be it anywhere. As far as teaching at BSEL is concerned, it was unique in terms of the different pedagogical style followed there. Like a true teacher, for me it was not just a teaching experience but a learning experience as well!

Q2. What would you like to advise SICSR students regarding experiencing diverse cultures?

In the academic domain, diversity always helps in better and more edifying experiences with multiple viewpoints. This is true from the perspective of teachers as well as students. I would like to advise the SICSR students to continue to be always ready and open to accept diversity in its any form, irrespective of caste, creed, gender, colour, ethnicity, etc. Each culture has a rich heritage of knowledge inherited from multiple generations through the centuries, and it is the diverse groups where this knowledge gets a scope to percolate to other cultures.


Group Photo with the students and Professors, after the session of Dr. Saini at BSEL, Germany

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