IEEE Awareness Session 2023

Date: November 3, 2023

Time: 4:00 pm - 5:00 pm

Venue: Microsoft Teams

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Rajashree Jain


IEEE SICSR Student Branch in collaboration with IEEE Pune Section.

Event Details:

The IEEE Awareness Session, held on November 3rd at the IEEE SICSR Student Branch under the guidance of Dr. Rajashree Jain, aimed to introduce students to the world of IEEE and its invaluable resources. The event commenced with Mr. Aditya Bajaj providing an introduction to IEEE, setting the stage for an insightful session...

Dr. Amar Buchade, Vice President of IEEE Pune Section, gave a comprehensive presentation, providing a deeper understanding of IEEE. Prof. Mandar Kurjekar shared various events and activities, encouraging students to actively participate. Mr. Rakshit Jain, IEEE Pune Section SAC Chair, shed light on the activities and initiatives of the IEEE Pune Section Student Activities Committee (SAC), notably mentioning the "Beyond Conversations" Podcast Team, which has produced over 20 episodes on current trends and inspirational stories. Mr. Soumil Khanna expressed gratitude to Dr. Rajashree Jain and the core team for their mentorship and encouraged attendees to actively engage and attend IEEE events to enhance their careers.

Dr. Sunil Somani joined the meeting and emphasized the networking opportunities available through IEEE, as well as access to IEEE Standards. He clarified what IEEE is and why students should consider IEEE membership. Dr. Rajashree explained the process of joining IEEE as a student, guiding students through the membership options and motivating them to become active members and volunteers. She mentioned that the SICSR Student Branch was formed in 2019 and has received numerous awards due to the active participation of volunteers.

Overall, the IEEE Awareness Session successfully provided students with a comprehensive overview of IEEE and its various opportunities. The session aimed to inspire active participation, encourage IEEE membership, and underscore the practical benefits of engagement with the organization. It served as a valuable platform for students to kickstart their journey with IEEE.

Photographs of the event:


Dr. Amar Buchade shared his screen while speaking about IEEE


All Attendees along with Dr. Rajashree Jain and Core Team


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