Education Week Competition

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Date: 5th April 2023

Venue: Symbiosis Institute of Computer Studies and Research

Submitted by :

  • Rohan Thakur, SIGHT Secretary at IEEE SICSR Student Branch
  • Aditya Tuteja, Secretary & Webmaster at IEEE SICSR Student Branch

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Rajashree Jain, Professor at SICSR

Event Description:

  • Number of participants:  100
  • Speakers:  1

Event Details:  

Pravidhi: IEEE SICSR student branch celebrated Education Week from 5 April 2023 to April 8, 2023, in which 3 online competitions were held -:

The Quiz Whizzes, Chess Competition, and The Creative Campaign. On April 6th, an online quiz on Quizizz ( https://quizizz.com/join ) covered topics such as current affairs, history, science, and technology. Participants had to answer multiple-choice questions within a specific time frame, and submitting early with correct answers rewarded additional points also; extra points were awarded through Other Participants. The quiz was enjoyable yet challenging, and the participants had a great time.

The chess competition took place on April 7th on Chess.com (https://www.chess.com), where it was a knockout tournament. Participants had to register beforehand and were given specific time slots to play their games. The tournament was conducted on an online chess platform where players could communicate with their opponents through a chat feature. The competition was intense, and participants demonstrated their skills and tactics.

On April 5th, the Creative Campaign event began on Canva (https://www.canva.com) with a theme of Sustainable Development of Education using Technology to Create Graphics, Reels, or any other such creative content on the given topic. The deadline for the event was April 8th, and judges evaluated the entries based on creativity, originality, and relevance to the theme.

Education Week Event was a 3-day event organized at SICSR IEEE Student Branch that was successful due to all 3 competitions that made the event memorable. The winners of the events were Hrishabh Raj for the Quiz Whizzes, Tarang Somanna for the Chess Competition, and Rahul Bihani for The Creative Campaign.

Photographs of the event:  


During Chess Competition


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