Collaborative Online International Learning (COIL)

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To build global competencies among its students and provide them with global exposure, SIU encouraged all its constituents to strengthen international collaborations through enhanced activities and engagement with its partners. One such activity was ‘COIL VIC’ in association with Universidad Veracruzana (UV), Mexico. It was a six-week program in collaboration with the School of Chemical Sciences, Poza Rica, Tuxpan.

The objectives were to: 

  • To develop cross-cultural sensitivity and competence among students 
  • To create an engaging and collaborative learning environment 
  • To foster research culture among students. 

COIL was a cost-effective internationalization strategy and an innovative pedagogy. This multicultural exercise involved blended learning in fostering better interaction with peers from international universities through co-teaching and co-working. 

This helped students to: 

  • To appreciate diverse cross-cultural values.
  • To learn how to work with students from diverse cultures, countries, and time zones.
  • To learn how to use online collaborative tools.


The Co-teaching initiative allowed the faculty members to share their expertise with their counterparts at the collaborating institution. Outcomes were assessed through project submissions in two stages. The students were expected to interact with each other, share their views on Blackboard (virtual collaborative tool) in their respective groups, and submit the
final document individually for grading purposes.

Prof. Dr. Jatinderkumar R Saini, Director, SICSR, got the appreciation certificate for imparting valuable insights during Virtual International Collaboration held from 12th September 2022 to 21st October 2022. 13 Students of the BBA(IT) program were also awarded Certificate for completion.

Following students completed the course:

  1. Aditya Bajaj
  2. Dhwani Parin Parekh
  3. Lal Kalesh Masthan
  4. Naitik Patel
  5. Sanskriti Krishna Raj
  6. Arpith Baiju
  7. Prakhar Tandon
  8. Saniya Mushtaq Khan
  9. Rahul Bihani
  10. Anushka Dufare
  11. Sanya Dalal
  12. Aryan Bhardwaj
  13. Manmohan Singh

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