Second Prize Winner Essay

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QIC (Quality Improvement Cell, SICSR) Essay

Global Warming  the reverse impact of human actions to its living environment, we need to understand that although we have been using / extracting all possible resources from the earth it is causing more production , more economic gains but it is also causing a lot of waste in form of life taking liquids or gases , this adversely causes a  change in the environment we stay in .

Global warming is a term that has come to light in the past decade , where there are different incidences happening due to global warming such as ice glaciers melting or seasons changing .

It is all together changing human life style , this impact is faced all around the world but our focus for today is India . 

To explain the effect that global warming has had on India , I would like to take the example of the weather conditions 

Earlier there were 4 distinctive weathers that the people of India experienced 

To be more specific lets talk about Pune as a city , 

Earlier the weather of Pune was such that we  had 3 months of monsoon , 3 months of summer , 3 months of winter and 3 months of pleasant weather 

But in the recent times we have seen  a drastic change , a city  whose temperature was always pleasant with maximum 30 degree Celsius 

Now experiences around 42 – 45 degree Celcius , the monsoons have reduced , the winters are no longer cold as they were and summers feel like a heat wave. 

All these life style changes are due to global warming . 

Other parts of India are also facing the same were glaciers are melting , temperature are soaring  the weather cycle is changing completely .

Many more adverse effects of global warming are there ,

The agriculture of India is affected, which means less crop cultivation which in return means lower food grain for the country and lower export. 

Which also means slower or negligible growth in the economy .  

This above is just a small example of the deadly outcomes of global warming and if not controlled will be life taking .

Today many international organisations are taking steps to reduce and control global warming which is the need of the hour .

So yes  , India with all other countries should take steps to protect the future of the world .

By : Aditya Bajaj (BBA-IT 2021-2024)



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