First Prize Winner Essay

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QIC (Quality Improvement Cell, SICSR) Essay

It is an old saying that this earth is not out property , we have borrowed it from our future generations we consider this planet earth as our property because of which we exploit it . There are many ways by which we exploit this planet earth and one of the most prominent way is Global Warming.

Global warming as the name suggests is the steady increase if global warming which is leading us towards the doomsday. Global warming is a global concern as all the countries have come together to resolve this problem . This man-made hazard is not only making the survival of human race difficult but also causing a disruption in the lives of other living organisations as global warming is one of the prime reasons because of which the glaciers are being melted on the average level is increasing . 

Global warming has a huge impact on India , recently The India  Metrological department [IMD] released a newsletter which stated that now the average temperature of Delhi is 46 degree Celcius

Which is a major problem for a country like India where majority of the population lives below the poverty line .

A report released by the UNESCO stated that majority port cities like Goa , Mumbai would be submerged underwater by the year 2045 if this rate of global warming continues . 

Global warming is a International problem and it is reassuring that all the countries have put in a global effect to overcome this problem . at the end we hope that we leave the earth inhabitable for  the future generations to come . 

By : Dhwani Parekh (BBA-IT 2021-2024)



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