Cultural Club Event - Shiv Swarajya Din

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Date: 6th June 2022

Venue: Online 

Submitted by : Dr. Anuja Bokhare

Event Description:

Symbiosis Institute of Computer Studies and Research (SICSR) conducted Shiv Swarajya Din on 6th June,2022 from 1:00 p. m. to 1:30p.m.. The Cultural Club of SICSR conducted this event as Shiv Rajyabhishek Din is being celebrated in Maharashtra to mark the coronation day of the great Maratha warrior king Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj.

The event had the following performances –

Documentary Tech Club
Marathi Speech Soham Dhoke
Marathi Poem Sharang Deshpande
Drama Video Drama Club
Song Music Club

The event began with a short introduction by Toshali Kritika (Orator’s Club Member). Then a documentary made by the Tech Club was played. After that we had a Marathi Speech from Soham Dhoke & a Marathi poem from Sharang Deshpandey. Then the drama club played a video of the skit they directed in college campus where the following participants enacted Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj – 

1. Shashwat Hem Nair

2. Akshay Kela

3. Aarushi Purohit

4. Saniya Khan

5. Utkarsh Gupta

6. Saloni Samant

7. Toshali Kritika

8. Dhruvin Shah

9. Arnav Gupta

10. Shreyash Singh

11. Yashraj Sisodia

12. Sahil Navin

The skit was directed by Drama Club Vice President Jayshree Pandey

Then we had the music club presenting a song they recorded specially for this event. The following participants were involved in the making of the song –

  1. Vishesh Luthra
  2. Vaishnav Prabhu 
  3. Shruti
  4. Atharv

At last Tushar Laad Vice President BCA gave the Vote of Thanks to end the event. Under the guidance of Professor Dr. Anuja Bokhare this event was finally concluded. 

Event Photographs:


The skit on Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj being presented


Poster of the event


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