IEEE MGA Volunteer Training(VoLT) Program

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Pravidi (SICSR IEEE Pune Student Branch)

Pravidhi- SICSR IEEE Student branch brings -IEEE MGA Volunteer Training(VoLT) Program

Date: 7th April 2022 

Venue: Virtual Mode (Zoom)

Submitted by :Shatakshi Vishwakarma and Vaishnavi Arora

Faculty Mentor : Dr. Rajashree Jain

Event Description:

Toshali Kritika, the host for the day, presented warm greetings to the participants.

She welcomed Dr. Rajshreee Jain, Professor SICSR And Branch Counsellor, SICSR IEEE Student Branch to address the session, Ma’am shared the membership progress and congratulated the team. She shared that the Education Week started with Inauguration Ceremony on 4th April 2022 and then briefed about various events being conducted during the week. She also extended a warm welcome to the guest speaker, Professor Dr Mousmi Ajay Chaursia.

Professor Mousmi, started her session with a brief introduction about herself and shared her journey and association with CLE. Next, she gave a brief on Center for Leadership Excellence(CLE) which includes 200+ courses, certifications and various other contents.

Ma’am then explained about the IEEE MGA VoLT Program to the audience. The program helps to accelerate the learning of IEEE’s organization and increase volunteer engagement. She then told about the application requirements and process including the VoLT 2022 Timeline.

Next, ma’am gave a brief about the various additional resources available such as MGA Website, operations, 2021 Year-End User Information, 2022 MGA Training Committee and IEEE Brand Experience,

The session ended with a short tour of the CLE and Brand Experience.

In the end, a virtual memento was presented to the speaker as a token of gratitude and the event ended with a vote of thanks.

Photographs of the event → 


(Dr. Rajashree Jain presenting the speaker) 


(Topic being presented by the speaker)

CURSOR 5.0 | VOLUME 4 ISSUE 2, January 2022

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