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Who am I?
You asked this and questioned my existence. Should I reveal the truth or should I just lie?

“oh words, words are dead. They can’t define me.” while saying these words
I start writing an ode on my life.

You see, life is round
And we are stuck on this wheel.
Who am I? Why do I search for a path?
When I know my journey starts and ends with me.
I am my blood, my body, my heart, my soul and my mind. The air I inhale, the water I imbibe,
The soil from which I awakened and the soil in which i shall die.

Who am I?
How can I tell
I transform every single day that passes by.

“oh time, time is a loop.
Look on my works, ye mighty and despair”
While looking at the clock
I continue to write an ode on my life.

Well, I am all of
My past, my present and my future
I am the child who is innocent and who dreams. Fretted by the sallies of my mother’s kisses. I am the teenager who appeals to be free. Cursing the society, in resistance i believe.
I am the adult who knows the purity of pure despair. Even with people I feel alone,
I cry until my tears dry.

I will let you see
But only with half an eye.

“oh, starry starry night! This is how i want to die” while adoring the moon
I finish writing the ode on my life.

I contain art.
I am Picasso’s weeping woman and I am Bukowski’s bluebird. I am nature and emotions,
The euphoria, the disgust, the melancholy and the grief. This world is too small for me.
I contain a universe within. This is what I wonder
When I look at that dark sky.

You must not know it all so, I have to say goodbye.

“oh me, I am nothing
But a wise animal”
While talking to the mirror I present an ode on my life.

Know thyself. I am known by a few. This is all who I am.
Now the query, my friend, is -
“who are you?”
And by asking this I question your existence. Now you have to decide.
Would you tell the truth or would you just lie?


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