Blockchain with Virtual Labs Workshop by SICSR ACM Student Chapters

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Date: 12h June 2021

Venue: Virtual Mode (Microsoft Teams)

Submitted by : Saanchi Lila

Speaker : Dr. Rahul Johari

Event Description:

Team SICSR ACM Student Chapters organized a virtual workshop on the topic “Unblocking the blocks in BLOCKCHAIN”. The workshop started at 11:30 am with the anchors (Ayushi and Rohit) along with Dr. Tejaswini Apte, welcoming the participants and introducing the speaker Dr. Rahul Johari. The speaker started the workshop by introducing the topic and its importance in our lives which helped grab the attention of students. He went on to explain the government’s initiative in blockchain technology, and how MAAGI companies have been involved in this tech. He covered the main purpose of blockchain i.e. protecting private data, which is becoming extremely important with the advancement of the IT sector. He also made sure that students get to know about the people who have contributed to IT and blockchain, especially award winners and Satoshi Nakamoto who we believe mined the first block in the world of blockchain. The attendees were involved throughout the workshop by sharing the links of websites that were used during the explanation and were given exercises in a simulated environment to construct a pseudo code for a smart contract. Overall, it was an informative session covering prerequisites, java codes, applications, videos, and experiments on blockchain technology.

It ended with a Q&A session for the students, Mr. Rahul shared his e-email with students who would like to know more on the topic. This was followed by a vote of thanks from our anchors and teacher and a picture to mark the end of a successful event.

Dr. Rahul Johari interacting with participants


( Students interacting in the workshop - Blockchain with Virtual Labs organized by SICSR ACM Student Chapters)


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