SICSR IEEE Special Interest Group For Humanitarian Technology (SIGHT) Group and Women in Engineering Student Branch Affinity Group (WiE SBAG) - Promotes STEM education to Children from 6 to 16 years olds

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Date: 17th March 2021

Venue: Virtual Mode (Microsoft Teams)

Submitted by : Dr. Rajashree Jain

Event Description:

Members of Our SICSR IEEE SIGHT & WiE SB AG (SBA11434) have been closely working with NGO SAMPARC since 2017 to cater towards the UN Sustainable Development Goals, particularly on Diversity, Poverty, and Education.SAMPARC is an NGO that provides shelter, care, nutrition, and quality education to children from underprivileged backgrounds. The branches of this NGO are SAMPARC Balgram Bhaje, SAMPARC Bal Asha Ghar, SAMPARC Balgram Poynad, SAMPARC Balgram Jodhpur and SAMPARC Grameen Vidya Vikas Kendra Village Bhambarde.
The IEEE service-learning students have taken the responsibility to teach these SAMPARC children under the guidance of the respected branch head, Dr. Rajashree Jain. The students who are involved in teaching are Meghna Das, Simeen Khan Ayyub, Aditi Kanojia, Chhavi Trivedi, Diya Suthiv, Vaikunth Goyal, Sourav Kumar, and Shritama Sengupta. This online teaching will span for two months. The curriculum being taught involves English, Maths, EVS(Environmental Studies), Computer Applications, and Soft Skills (Personality Development). The topics being taught under these subjects have been designed to help the students in their school exams and to upgrade their skills according to the current requirements.

Photo of the ongoing session.
Some takeaways from the event.


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