Sakthirajan Balamurugan - Startup : “Futureveal”

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Alumni Name - Sakthirajan Balamurugan
Batch - BCA 2017 - 2020
Company - Startup : “Futureveal”

  • According to you, what are the few ways in which one can stand out while applying for jobs?
  • The first and foremost thing is to read the JD i.e job description properly. There are plenty of jobs that you will be eligible for but not suitable for !
    Read about the company you are applying for a job like their past, current performance, future goals etc. Having knowledge about this will help you predict their requirements and crack the interview easily.
    Create an Informative Resume.
    Give a proper and perfect self introduction.
    Have a perfect answer for the million dollar question “ Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years “.
    Tell about how you would contribute in achieving their goals.
    Never stop yourself after a rejection in an interview and think that it is business that you are made for ! Keep on trying and plan for a business when you think you are ready for it.

  • Which additional skills do you think are valued in such circumstances?
  • Nowadays certificates of crash or online courses are playing a major part. Always have some skills of data management. Anything related to playing around with existing data is given a serious glance and importance.

  • What do you think about offline v/s online working?
  • I am a fan of online working but at the same time have it clear in my mind that online working is nothing without offline working. Because it is collaboration that is always going to make strategies go beyond the limit rather than a one focused idea or way of working.

  • Did pandemic have any positive impact in your career?
  • Yes it has had a positive impact in my career because it was just pure challenges that we faced in terms of marketing work. I learnt that the audience can be targeted even when all of them are inside their homes. And this was just more easily possible by Digital Marketing. When I founded my startup called “Futureveal“ back in 2017 made me feel that these digital marketing services are going to be the future for a while. Now I am confident enough that reaching any audience is my cup of tea and I enjoy doing it. This pandemic has increased my self confidence even more and got me ready with better solutions for bigger problems.

  • Do you have any advice for your juniors who will soon be sitting for placements?
  • First of all, If you are sitting with a dilemma of Masters or placement. Then I would suggest masters ! Finish your studies and then jump into a job or business. Until you finish your masters, encourage yourself to do freelancing.
    Apart from that if you want to do a job then you should maintain a high scoring result. Just kidding guys !
    Be confident about what you know and always make the interviewer feel that you would love to work with them. Show them that you will get to learn a lot of things when you work with them and all such stuff.

  • What were the things that kept you going during the pandemic ?
  • The start of the pandemic was really sudden and made me realise that it isn’t the right time to invest anywhere. So instead , I planned to develop my skills in order to get in action when all of this pandemic stuff comes to an end.
    The things that kept me going in the right direction was my positive mind, thirst to learn new things, help others in need and express more about what I felt for my family & friends.

    To be honest, everyone came across that one point during this period when they felt powerless and most of the thoughts were pointless.Even I had a point where I was stuck upon the question that what’s the use of learning and developing yourself so much . But you need to understand one thing that hope is everything in this world !
    In fact all of us have now understood the value of having our loved ones around us and started sharing our thoughts more frankly.

  • What are the challenges that one might have to face while sitting for placement amidst pandemic?
  • In my opinion , the real world interview process has just been replaced by the reel world when it comes to placement amidst pandemic . Everythings happens over a laptop and a smartphone. I think the employers are facing challenges in hiring, to be honest !
    The only thing I would suggest to everyone is to have nice conversation and communication skills because it is your responsibility to make the interviewer understand your answers or opinions. It’s always better to have nice communication skills.

  • Suggest some of the ways that juniors can follow in order to utilize the time they have in hand with ongoing pandemic.
  • The things you have to do are really simple :-

    • Ask yourself what you want to do ? If you don't know the answer then do what you like. Think about a future in what you like.
    • Eat healthy and Exercise everyday ( Any Kind ).
    • Try Cooking your own food.
    • Try learning new stuff related to anything ( knowledge is something no one can steal from you ).
    • Be positive about whatever you think of doing in future.
    • And finally be safe and secure.
    CURSOR 5.0 | VOLUME 3 ISSUE 2, JULY 2021

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