Different Countries and Their Culture

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Here are some exciting facts related to different countries and their culture.
In India, it is necessary to remove shoes, sandals, etc while entering the house. If any guests arrive then he has to remove his shoes outside the house. Taking footwear inside the house is considered as bad behavior. But in countries like the US, it is not necessary to do so.
Most of the population of Saudi Arabia is Muslim and they consider Friday as their holy day. Due to this, the weekends in Saudi Arabia were on Thursday and Friday but the Saudi business was suffering a lot as the international weekends do not match. Therefore, the king in 2013 issued law and switched the weekends to Friday and Saturday.
Alcoholic beverages are banned in Saudi Arabia. While in some countries gifting someone an alcoholic drink is considered as an expression of gratitude. Leaving the unconsumed alcohol behind in the party is considered an appreciation to the host and it is considered rude to take any alcohol back while departing.
In Germany, people are very punctual, they reach on time at any party or meeting and expect others to do the same. But in a country like Venezuela, there is a tradition to arrive late for any party or meeting. If you arrive 15-30 minutes late then also you need not be sorry for that. In the party, if people reach on time in Venezuela then it is considered that the person is greedy or he is very eagerly waiting to eat.
In France when you enter a small shop or meet anyone then it is important to greet like Hello, Hi, etc, and when you leave the conversation or at the time of departing it is necessary to say goodbye. If you don’t greet them they consider it rude behavior.
If you want to appreciate someone’s cooking then you need to slurp the soup loudly, in countries like China, Japan, or Korea while in western countries it is considered as misbehaviour to create noise while eating.


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