Mathematics: A way of Life -Part 2

Author: Mr. Prathamesh Vijay Lahande, Faculty Member, SICSR, Pune.

Big Bang is said to have happened 13.8 billion years ago that caused the expansion of the universe. The Universe encapsulates all of the space, time and contents, including all of the planets, stars, galaxies and all other forms of matter and energy. Ancient mathematical texts are found belonging to the Mesopotamia and Egypt (Babylonian) around 1900 BC. This means even if the universe existed 13.8 billion years ago, people have discovered and started using mathematics ever since 1900 BC. Nevertheless, I personally believe understanding mathematics is as good as understanding the universe. This article supports proves this statement.

Mathematics is a study of numbers. In the English language, all the numbers in the are created using the ten digits: 0,1,2…9. With any combination of these ten digits, we can get any number one wishes to have. Although all the numbers are special in their own way, numbers 4 and 9 play a vital role in the study of mathematics.
If you take any word in the universe, literally any word, that word constitutes to the digit 4 (four). To understand this fact, let us consider a word say Mathematics. ‘Mathematics’ word contains ‘eleven’ alphabets. Now, the word ‘eleven’ contains ‘six’ alphabets. Similarly, the word ‘six’ contains ‘three’ alphabets. The word ‘three’ contains guess ‘four’ alphabets. Thus the word constitutes somehow towards ‘four’. Let us consider another word say ‘Happiness’. The word ‘Happiness’ contains ‘nine’ alphabets. And guess what, the word ‘nine’ contains ‘four’ alphabets. Similarly, we can say that this word too constitutes ‘four’. This logic works for literally any word. Amazing isn’t it!!!

Another fact can be seen with the help of a circle. Like 4 (four), the digit 9(nine) also is equally closer to the universe. We all know that the circle is made up of 360 degrees. Sum of all the digits i.e. 3+6+0=9 i.e. ‘nine’. Now if we divide the circle exactly into half, we have two parts: one part of 180 degrees and other also with 180 degrees. If you add up all the digits i.e. 1+8+0=9 i.e. ‘nine’. Let us go one step further. Let us divide each 180-degree part further into 2 parts to get 4 parts each of 90 degrees. Now if you all the digits you get again 9. This phenomenon happens if you keep on dividing it further and further to get the sum 9. This is no coincidence but just another example of mathematics being closer to the universe. Last time lets divide the 90-degree circle into 2 parts: one of 45 degrees and other again of 45 degrees. If you add 4 and 5 you get 9 again. 

Thus we can say that Mathematics is really fun and this is something very interesting to experience in our lives. We are all surrounded by numbers and mathematics all around us. We just need to build a vision in order to experience it. Hopefully, this article too helps you in order to experience mathematics and enjoy life as well.


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