Invited Guest Editorial


Dear readers,

I am delighted to know that the Symbiosis Institute of Computer Studies and Research (SICSR), Pune will be coming out with its own college magazine from this academic year.

College magazine is one of the major member services of any community irrespective of its nature – technical or social. It keeps the members informed about happenings, creates awareness on various trends in the areas of interest to its members, and provides a platform for its members and readers to share their knowledge, views, and experiences and effectively engage and bring them together.

With the advent of technological developments, the college magazine publishing has become much simpler over a period time. Also, the advances in web and mobile technologies are facilitating creative and interactive college magazines and make them accessible anywhere anytime.

While the technologies enhance the style of presentation, one need to give adequate importance to content as it is the one decides the shelf life of the college magazine and increases the archival value of the information related to the community. We have seen in many occasions, the college magazine issues have become invaluable source of information for the future generations and the institution itself.

I had the opportunity of interacting recently with the college magazine team over a Skype session and pleased to note their keenness and interest in coming out with the college magazine. I greatly appreciate the motivation provided by Dr. Rajashree Jain to the college magazine team.

I wish the college magazine team all the very best in their efforts and urge to nurture and sustain the college magazine with improved content over a period of time.

H.R. Mohan
Editor, IEEE India Council

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