From the Editor's Desk

Dear Reader,

“Out of Adversity, Comes Opportunity” Benjamin Franklin.
True to the wise words of one of the founding fathers of the USA, the efforts of Team CURSOR exemplify the mood of converting the adversity posed by the global pandemic COVID-19 into an opportunity. For the past two months, the team was busy in making all preparations, from selecting a new team, induction and mentoring of new members, receiving articles, editing and collating, to presenting them and hosting it on our magazine site. Everything was completed in an online mode. The online meeting platforms provided a better way to brainstorm, argue and consensually come to conclusion. Indeed, a great learning experience for everyone involved. Advancement of Technology has brought teams more closely and connected like never before.

Happy to introduce our next volume of SICSR magazine, "Cursor 5.0 Volume 2, Issue 2" on the auspicious occasion of Foundation Day of our esteemed organization Symbiosis Institute of Computer Studies and Research, on 6 July 2020.

The current edition marks Golden jubilee Year celebration of Symbiosis and with a theme "वसुधैव कुटुम्बकम” - The world is one family! We are delighted to share featured articles under the category shared by our friends from across the boundaries.

Apart from these the issue also features creative corner, contribution from students, staff and alumni and a sneak peek into happenings at SICSR.

I congratulate team CURSOR 5.0 for their untiring efforts despite the odds.
But, believe me, readers, it is you who will certify that they have done a great job. Your feedback is very valuable to us. Please feel free to share it.

Happy Reading!

Dr. (Mrs.) Rajashree Jain,
Professor & Editor, CURSOR 5.0, SICSR Magazine,


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