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Author: Stephen Adeoye (BBA IT, 2019-22)

O great Africa, a continent filled with so much
abundance of natural resources can be found in you:
doubt there's another continent that can be as such
you know that they are the ones who's got the best zoo?:
in slavery and chains were we bound for years and sold,
death and torture almost didn't seem like anything anymore:
yet I was told in this continent is where we have much gold
can't imagine how big Africa will have been if not for the war:
and at least from the history I read and all that I was told
same place people came and deserted, is where they now adore:

I guess the saying of who is first becomes last came to past
cause we can all see how evident it is in our generation today:
how important the African continent has proved to be to the vast
how sweet it'll be for the celebration and declare it as Holiday:
a place so free for all, no sentiments or division like caste
hopefully everyone else can learn from us and be like this someday:
though there's bound to be some bad eggs in the midst of the good
but it does not mean we should generalize it to everyone there:
even while everyone went into evil, there are still some who stood
those who are different from the crowd and choose to appear very rare:
besides every country and continent has got its share of falsehood
from the saying "to forgive is divine and natural for humans to err":

O great Africa, so many great countries have been merged together
we decided it was time we stop watching from the sideline anymore:
rising up early like the sunrise not minding the condition of the weather
guess because we knew that we are created to achieve and do much more:


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