Pravidhi (SICSR IEEE Pune Student Branch) Day 2 - International Women’s Celebration Week 2022 - Workshops on Data Science and Emerging Technologies in Service Cloud

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Date: 11th March 2022

Venue: Virtual Mode (Zoom)

Submitted by : Shatakshi Vishwakarma, Raibata Basu and Aditya Tuteja

Faculty Mentor : Dr. Rajashree Jain

Event Description:

  1. Number of participants : 51
  2. Speakers : 
  • Dr. Arvind Betrabet (Data Scientist at IBM Cloud)

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The webinar was anchored by Siya Agarwal. She welcomed Dr. Rajashree Jain who spoke about the Women’s Celebration Week and about SICSR IEEE Pune Student Branch. Then we began the program. 

Dr. Arvind Betrabet talked about the Internet of things and the concept of connecting any device, so long as it has an on, off switch to the internet and other similar devices or some other device that can use its capabilities. As soon as you turn it on yourself, the code is written on it to be able to self-configure and start working. It has to have quite a few protocols to work with other devices to other providers. So, you can drop, interact with them, interoperate with them, etc. It should be uniquely identifiable because you're going to address it. talked about IoT Physical aspects Some of them are proximity sensors. Some of them are temperature sensors and entirely accurate humidity sensors.

He talked about Some of the protocols you will encounter when using the IoT platform. You have the HTTP and HTTPS hypertext transfer protocol. S stands for secure. So, if you have some data that needs to be secured, you need to have the SDPs protocol, the initiator. He talked about IoT Use Case. If you are going into a parking structure, you want to make people aware of where the empty parking spot is available. Then you have a parking app or indicator on, which tells available empty slots, and you can go and get navigation to your open space. He talked about IoT Skills and Security in ensuring that hackers don't get in and access data to avoid all this, we use artificial intelligence to block them automatically. He talked about IoT Hardware microcontroller you will see the chips mentioned here ESP 82 66. This is the Arduino chip or a development board. It has different microcontrollers on there. So, this is a system on a chip that provides data processing and storage capabilities, all in one, you know, it has a processor or a CPU with four or multiple boards. 

He talked about IoT Interface So you have either a CPU embedded together with those sensors. And they are communicating back to a larger computing environment that is collecting that information and working on that. He mentioned that depending on the computing power that He mentioned, the hardware, you can do a lot of things, at the place where you are collecting the data. Whereas with AI, if you need more computing power than what the IoT platform can provide, you need to bring the data to a place where you can analyze it. He also showed us his IoT Project.

A token of gratitude was given to Arvind SIr at the end of the webinar. A vote of thanks was given. 

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